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Are you fed up with the huge dental “factories” where you feel treated like a number instead of a human being?

Do you feel your dentist doesn’t take the time to discuss treatment alternatives with you and just wants
you out of the chair as soon as possible?

We know how you feel. We are a private practice of dentists committed to providing the highest level of customer service in dental care. Keeping the dental practice a certain size allows us to maintain our focus on each patient’s needs individually.
It is something like the difference between the craft tradition and mass production. We treat every patient as a unique individual and attempt to tailor his or her dental care accordingly. A sense of social responsibility is important to us.

All of our dentists work in the state health care system as well, so that we deal with people from all levels of society and encounter the full spectrum of dental problems on a daily basis.

Our practice leader Dr. István Balogh teaches at the leading Hungarian medical school, SOTE, and sits on the national dental licensing board. He began his practice 35 years ago and has been working with patients across Europe for 15 years.

Our team’s mission is to provide affordable quality dental care for both Hungarians and people from any country in Europe.

Why does a dental implant cost so much? Certainly not because of the cost of the implant. It is because large dental practices operate at astronomical profit margins.

Of course implants are just one example, and the same goes for other dental treatments.

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